Import n' Plot

Lines starting with a # or a % are comment lines and are ignored. Empty lines are also ignored. The data is assumed in column format (each column is a series). Tabs seperate columns and rows are seperated by a new line. This is what you usually get if you copy/paste from Origin/Matlab/Excell. Numbers with commas in them will be processed to numbers i.e. 1,234 -> 1234. Numbers with spaces in them are also parsed as numbers i.e. 1 234 000 -> 1234000. Currency with $ or £ in the data element will be parsed as numbers. Percentages are also parsed as numbers. 80% -> 80 A column with dates in it will try to find times in the next column.

Paste, Drag n Drop, or load a local file:

Find Datetimes (will replace dates with milliseconds from epoch (unix) (Engligh Dates)
Number of header lines
Number of header columns
Column Delimeter: tab space commar

When your happy, pick the plot order below

Plot destinations, use 'x' 'y' any other letter will be ignored.