Matlab - MJSplot integration

This is a quick and easy way to use MJSplot.js from Matlab. I find that Matlab's graph don't look that good, so I sometimes use MJSplots's high resolution .png export option for printing graphs.

A MJSplot.m Matlab function.

This works like: MJSplot( data, captions, titlestr, xaxis,yaxis ). Where data is a cell array like {x y} or {x1 y1 x2 y2 ...}; captions is a cell array of strings ({'r8' 'r1'}); titlestr, xaxis, yaxis are just strings. It will write a file called matlabplot.html into the working directory that is a full screen plot (scales to the size of the browser window). You'll need a version of MJSplot.js in the working directory too. The matlab internal web browser doesn't work with HTML5, so the best way is to right-click and pick 'Open Outside MATLAB'.