Graphing Comparisons

I plot the same data using a few different programs to see how they compare. I've tried to keep the plotting size about equal each time.

Example 1

graph example

Here I use some programs I have to hand. All the graphs use the auto scales or equivalent.


Scale choice:


Example 2

graph example

Note how MJSplot automatically picks a scale the increases in 1s, then 2s, then 5s, then 10s as the y axis increases. Others just don't even try.

Example 3

graph example

This is a logarithmic graph zoomed into a region spanning much less than a decade.

I don't find Matlabs use of scale very helpful: 10-0.94,10-0.93,10-0.92, etc.

Origin forgets about keeping constant significant figures on the numbers, 0.11 and 0.12 should be 0.110 and 0.120 to match with the rest of the scale. The scale starts and ends on obscure points again leaving a large gap above 0.125 that looks odd.

MJSplot doesn't have any of these issues